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  Skeppeviks Camping

  385 98 Bergkvara
  0486-20637 • 0731-564092






The campground lies on a beautiful bay, which is graced by both grassy and sandy beaches. Because of the calm waters and gradual slope of the sea floor, the beach is a perfect playground for (young) children.

Experienced swimmers can catch their breath on the "badbrygga or swimming pier.

Besides the sun, sand and sea at Skeppevik, there are also numerous possibilities for day trips. The campground itself lies on a walking path that is 140 kilometers long!

Bergkvara , a village located 2 kilometers from the campground, has a maritime museum as well as local guides who can give visitors a tour of the docks and harbors. You can also visit Europe’s first wind-power park on the sea.

Across the bay from Skeppevik campground lies the lighthouse island of Garpen There are boat trips to the island which also has over-night facilities.

Within an hour’s drive you can reach Sweden’s famous glass district and visit the glass factories of Kosta, Boda en Orrefors.

The region around Skeppevik provides endless opportunities for vacationers and fun for campers of all interests.